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Shell man and woman glass door decal

TenStickers. Shell man and woman glass door decal. Buy our decorative vinyl door sticker design of marine shell available in about 50 different colours to choose from.Easy to apply on any flat surface.

Wall colour

Measurements (width x height)
Shell door sticker design to decorate the door surface in the bathroom or living room. A beautiful design that can be chosen in one of the available 50 colours we have in the catalog. You can select the size in what best suit the surface to apply it . A design created from the best quality vinyl which makes it resistant to bubble and wrinkle. It is finished in matte as well and this helps it not to have light interference on it surface. With an instruction it comes with and a spatula which you can add to the product, the application is a perfection on the surface.

Information about Shell man and woman glass door decal

Reference: A18930


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