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Blue photo mural wallpaper

TenStickers. Blue photo  mural wallpaper. A blue textured photo wall mural design of a unique abrasive looking surface This design will look very nice in your living room or bedroom.

Wall colour

Measurements (width x height)
A blue textured photo wall mural design of a rough textured looking surface. This design looks like a painting not smoothly done on the wall. This design in a mixture of deep and light blue colour. The product will be lovely in your living room and bedroom. You will appreciate this design because you will not stop to admire it because of it uniqueness and simplicity. This blue colour textured photo wall mural is created with high quality product and is is very durable. This design is a premium product and it is easy to apply with the application kit set. You can request this in the size that you desire.

Information about Blue photo mural wallpaper

Reference: F298