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Fruits canvas prints

Fruit is delicious. Its sweet and tangy flavours are the perfect thing to eat at any point in the day! Not only do fruit taste good, they look good too! Their vibrant and rich colours really stand out! Here at Tenstickers, we love all things fruit! That's why we decided to create this fruit canvas collection! With as many designs as there are types of fruit you will be spoilt for choice upon browsing this fruit canvas art catalogue! You won't know which one to add to your cart first! Indulge yourself and explore this brand new catalogue right now!

Add a delicious and colourful design to your home with our fruit canvas wall art

From your simple apple prints to your vibrant, tropical pineapple canvas wall art there is something for every type of room in this brand new collection! Is you or your child's favourite fruit an apple or banana? We have those! Maybe it is an orange? We have that too! We really do have everything in our fruit artwork on canvas collection! They will fit in perfectly in your kitchen and could really help encourage healthy eating in your home! All of your guests will be so impressed by the new addition! They might even steal your idea and order one for themselves! Everybody will have some pineapple canvas art in their home!

Want your vegetable canvas wall art to last a while? It sure will! All of our prints are made from the finest quality materials we could buy which means they are very durable and very easy to clean! All you will have to do is wipe them down after a while and they will be as good as new! Your guests will wonder how your vegetable canvas art has stayed looking so new!

Whatever the size of your kitchen, your vegetable artwork on canvas is sure to fit! This is because we have plenty of sizes available for you to choose from. Whether you need it to be tiny or huge, we can help you out!

It's time to add some delicious, new décor to your home! You are correct, it's time for a fruit canvas! This wonderful designs really add something unique and special to your home and help to create a new exciting atmosphere. They don't cost very much either and their quality is amazing! Order your fruit canvas art now!

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