3D Cacti Pots Living Room Wall Decor

TenStickers. 3D Cacti Pots Living Room Wall Decor. Give any room in your home an extra modern feel with these super cool 3d plant pot wall decals. Choose from a wide range of sizes!

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Tired of looking after real plants? Love a good visual illusion? Well these 3D plant pot wall stickers may be right up your street. Give your room a fresh modern look and confuse guests and pets alike. Never again will your devilish cat knock your pots off of your shelves, look on with pride at their feline frustration. Our high-quality 3D illusion cacti pot wall decals will fit into any modern living room, bathroom or office space. What’s more, they’re extremely easy to apply to any flat surface and just as easy to remove should you give in to your pets’ demands.

Information about 3D Cacti Pots Living Room Wall Decor

Reference: A15039


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