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Red vinyl rugs

Make a bold statement with our red vinyl rugs. They are the finishing touch that you've been looking for! Add this fun colour to any room in your home. Our pvc red vinyl rugs will transform your rooms! Go on get decorating! 

The colour red has many positive connotations, including love, energy and attention, which seem perfect to bring to your home, as a result our wonderful design team think you need a bit of red in your life and have brought to you this red vinyl mat collection. In this collection you will find products ranging from floral designs to beautiful tiled rugs. We have attempted to include something for everyone and every room as we want everyone to fall in love with this collection as much as we have.

Roses are red, these rugs are too, give one a try, it will be perfect for you!

These wonderful custom-made red vinyl mats add a special, unique touch to any room in your home, making for a warmer and more homely environment. So much so that you will be questioning how you have ever lived without one before. The insane qualities that these flooring offer go far beyond any others, they brighten, protect and add so much character to your room that all your friend and family will not be able to hide their jealous. Our red vinyl flooring can also be customised in regard to sizing as well, so that not only is it personalised to you, but it is also personalised to you house! Fitting in exactly where you want it as if it was always meant to be there.

Our vinyl rugs in red are super durable to common problems like tearing, wrinkling and discolouring and prevent any spills, stains or scratches reaching your floor. They are truly made to last. Hoovering will become a thing of the past with these rugs, because to clean them all you need is a damp cloth. Leaving you time to spend doing more important things. Our vinyl rugs in red are both pet and child friendly, as well as being hypoallergenic, meaning that these rugs are practically safe for anyone and everyone. 

These red vinyl carpets are extremely easy to apply and come with instructions if you were in the slightest bit worried, so there is no chance they won’t look good!

We know you'll find something you love in our amazing red vinyl carpet collection. So don’t delay your search any longer, purchase one today!

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